Clara gets her (scientific) spurs and a paper !

Clara presenting the very first viewgraph of her PhD presentation. Sept 18, 2020

Clara Vergès – a graduate student associated with the B3DCMB project was awarded a title of a doctor of the newly created Université de Paris defending her thesis work entitled “Searching for cosmological B-modes in presence of astrophysical contaminants and instrumental effects.” not merely successfully but to a truly standing ovation.

The next step of Clara’s research career is taking her to Harvard where she will put the skills she has acquired over the last three years to test while working on data analysis of another outstanding (and well competing) project called BICEP.

Congratulations to Clara for the excellent defense and the high-profile post !

As if that was not yet enough, Clara, together with Josquin and Radek (also known as the thesis supervisors), has posted on archive a paper presenting a new framework for analysis of the future CMB polarization experiments accounting for foreground signals and presence of the instrumental effects.

The paper, reflecting one of the main chapters of Clara’s thesis, is available here.

Quite an eventful week for Clara (and well for all of us !).

And what the outcome !!!