Collaboration meeting: 2020 kick-off

The 2020 kick-off meeting took place on March 6 at APC.

Participants: Nicolas Chopin (ENSAE), Thibault Cimic (INRIA), Gabriel Ducrocq (ENSAE), Hamza El Bouhargani (APC), Josquin Errard (APC), Laura Grigori (INRIA), Aygul Jamal (APC), Baptiste Jost (APC), Matthieu Tristram (LAL), Radek Stompor (APC), Clara Verg├Ęs (APC)

1. Intro/welcome: Radek – 15 mins
2. Status of the simulation framework and of the map-making code development: Hamza – 45 mins 
3. Status of the implementation of the Lanczos procedure and two-level preconditioner: Aygul  – 30 mins
4. A new approach to the two-level preconditioning: Thibault – 30 mins

Lunch: 12:30pm-2pm

1. Sampling for the CMB: method(s), implementation, status: Gabriel – 45 mins
2. Discussion on construction of pure E and pure B basis functions ? : Baptiste – 15 mins
3. Roadmap of how we should start putting all those things together in the context of extended likelihoods and posteriors : All – 1h