Center Pierre Binetruy

Center Pierre Binetruy (CPB) for cosmological and astroparticule physics has just come to existence ! The official signing ceremony took place on Sept 27. The center is an International Research Laboratory (IRL) between CNRS (and specifically its Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, IN2P3) and Department of Physics of the University of California at Berkeley, US. The CPB is only 7th international laboratory set up by the CNRS in the US in its 80 years long history !

Between many scientific objectives the center will focus on pursuing a development of multi-disciplinary approaches to cosmological data analysis, thus continuing and extending the work on-going in the context of the B3DCMB project, on the one hand, capitalizing on its methods and tools in analyses of actual data sets and, on the other, ensuring their continuing development in the future. Members of the B3DCMB project contributed importantly to the creation of the center, with Radek Stompor becoming its first director and Baptiste Jost its first PhD student, and will actively participate in it in the future.

The center is named after Pierre Binetruy, theoretical physicists and cosmologist, and the first director of the AstroParticule et Cosmology Laboratory (APC).