Lecture on HPC in cosmology for SUPELEC undergrads !

Om May 6, Radek gave a lecture on computational challenges in astrophysics and cosmology to the first year undergraduate students at CenteraleSupelec with a major in physics and nano-technologies to kick-off a course on statistics and machine learning for cosmology and particle physics.

Has anybody got inspired ?! Well, only time will show …

For time being, the viewgraphs can be found here.

The talk was followed by a round-table discussion about science and its organization including in addition to Radek Etienne Augé (vice-president of the research and innovation Université Paris-Sud), as well as Jean-Christophe Hamilton (CNRS/APC), David Rousseau (CNRS/LAL), and Guillaume Mention (CEA), who organized the event as well as the follow-up course.