About the project


We will distribute the software developed by the project via a github site, which we also use as a collaboration-wide development platform. The software will be distributed gradually in due course.

We will also move our previous software packages there, which we will continue developing/maintaining during the B3DCMB project. For time these packages are available elsewhere:

        • MIDAPACK – library of CMB data analysis building blocks developed as part of  ANR-MIDAS’09 project.
        • S2HAT – fully parallel spherical harmonic transform library;
        • pureS2HT – toolbox of S2HAT based routines needed for so-called pure pseudo spectrum estimators by Julien Grain, Matt Tristram and Radek Stompor.

Some other software packages we contribute to:

        • S4CMB – simulator of systematic effects typical of CMB experiments, by Julien Peloton.

Some other useful software packages of relevance for our work:

        • TOAST – CMB data analysis framework by C3 guys from Berkeley.