About the project


The overall structure and implementation of the B3DCMB project.

The work proposed to be performed within the B3DCMB project is divided into 5 scientific and one managerial Work Packages. The scientific WPs cover all main areas of the CMB data analysis have well defined leaders, deliverables and interfaces with other WPs.

WP#1. This is an infrastructure Work Package. It will define what simulations will be needed by different WPs and determine their set up, parameters, complexity, etc. Then it will identify what simulation tools are available in this respect, collect them in a common code repository and eventually develop those which are missing and deemed necessary. It will then work with other WPs to define the data formats and make sure that required simulations are ready whenever necessary. As part of this WP we will set up common code development platforms, define common programming guidelines, and define the API for all software tools and libraries, which are expected to become public later on, and ensure their timely public release.

As part of this WP we will keep a living document describing the resources, e.g., simulation codes, simulations, defining the API and programming guidelines.

This WP is coordinated by the APC partner in close collaboration with INRIA-Paris.

WP#2. This WP will explore novel statistical/machine learning algorithms from the perspective of their suitability for CMB data analysis. We will investigate standard techniques invoking sampling algorithms but also more recent approaches motivated by machine learning. We will consider their application in a pixel but later also the time domains.

This WP is coordinated by the CREST partner.

WP#3. The goals of this WP is to develop new solvers for very large, linear and non-linear systems of equations as commonly encountered in the CMB data analysis as well as new numerical algorithms appropriate for anticipated architectures of the next generation of the massively parallel supercomputers. In particular we will explore communication-avoiding and energy-aware techniques.

This WP is coordinated by the INRIA-Paris partner.

WP#4. The objective of this Work Package is to develop a middle-ware for input/output suitable for main operations performed down the CMB data analysis pipeline.

This WP is co-coordinated by APC and INRIA-Paris.

WP#5. This  WP involves  applications of the techniques and tools developed by other WPs of this project. We will use those to contribute to a development of data analysis pipelines of concrete experiments and validate them first on realistic simulations and later actual data as they become available.

This WP is coordinated by the partner at APC.

WP#6 is a coordination WP. It provides a coordination layer, ensures communication between all the partners, the WPs, and specific tasks,  follows on the progress, identifies problems and proposes solutions. It is in charge of  result dissemination and reporting. These actions are lead by all the partner coordinators.